For the many blessings of this day...

It is tempting and quite easy to fall back on negative emotions and thoughts. Almost effortlessly our minds veer across the abyss to a place of lack, fear, anger, aversion, self-loathing, depression and just blah-ness.

Because these feelings so naturally arise, I deliberately points my thoughts and words and actions to what I believe is kind, and good and generous and forgiving and abundant and radiant and light. I try to give thanks as often as possible for the various teachers and teachings that show up in a multitude of ways.

I’m starting to trust in the “serendipity” of things that come and go — and realize it’s not serendipity at all, but instead just what I needed to see/think/encounter in that very moment. As if there were no accidents.

So as students of life in the school of Planet Earth, our duty is to simply keep paying attention. Part of our homework is to clean up the mess that was made by the “upper classmen,” study ourselves and the textbook that is your present moment experience, because the “test” is always right here and now. And indeed we must keep beginning anew, over and over until there’s not a breath left.

I firmly believe that happy thoughts and kind words lead to a happy life. If you speak and think about your lack of love or money or whatever, by golly baby that’s what you’ll get! We must be courageous enough to change our minds if we want to change our lives. We get this one shot, right now to do right by the gift of today—and indeed this very moment. You can shine your light brightly on everyone and everything, or retract and go dark and hide from it.

Light up the universe with your light—it will remind me and every being that you encounter to do the same. So perhaps, one day, there is only light. No more lying, stealing, cheating, war, hate, and shitty shit. If we want peace, we need to lay down our weapons and armor. We need to turn towards the qualities and radiance of the sun. This is the work of your life.

So remember, we are all going to die. We are all trying to figure out what the heck we are doing here in this life. You are not alone in your confusion or existential angst. Each of us us trying to find happiness and freedom from suffering and peace. Some of us numb it out with drugs or work or tv or entertainment. Some dig into the wonder through spirituality, some go sit in caves just to Be with it. But find a soft face and body through this life and live as gracefully and compassionately as you can. Let’s begin again, today—right now.