Learn to Be Comfortable in Stillness
Most of us try to get away from stillness. Society tells us pausing and breathing and chilling is all wrong --that productivity and doing is winning and right and basically God.

I say that's a load of Hullabaloo! If we ever truly want to get to know ourselves, we need to STOP. 🛑✋ It’s such an amazing gift just to listen to life. When we create the deliberate space, put down the phone and music and tv and coffee and food and things to occupy our hands and eyes and mouths we get to soak in the sweetest of nectars! The present moment is ripe as a peach! It’s waiting for you to say “yes, okay, I am finally here with you.” And of course is very very VERY hard to turn off all our noisy things. Our minds love grabbing on to ideas and conversations and opinions, and our hands onto all sorts of things to fill the existential void that most of us feel.

But the invitation today is to find a cozy spot to sit for just a few minutes. To shine a light onto your awareness of what is. Put everything down, steady the mind by watching your breath and just soak in right now for just a little while. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the idea of sitting for 20-30 minutes and just give up completely. Instead, why not just sit and pay attention for 3 or 5 minutes. Not a moment is wasted in service of being awake to the fullness of Life. I like to say “step behind your eyes” to become a witness to your mind and heart and eyes and all sense perceptions and mental projections. Just watch it all happen....then if you watch closely enough, you’ll find yourself asking the inevitable question: “who is actually doing the watching?” Who is behind the eyes noticing the mental/emotional drama unfold? Because you CAN become aware of your awareness. Meta-cognition is a magical thing.

Anyway... just pause and watch and be still my love. Life is short, but it’s also quite long depending on how you spend your moments.

Make today’s moments last! Slow it all down. No need to rush. Soak in a breath right now as deeply and slowly as possible. Then, just as slowly, from top to bottom, empty it all out. Then, put down your phone, and be still for a few moments.