Find someone that ignites your soul.

This is someone that reminds you of how magical you are and everyone is and how spectacular LIFE is! They point at things in a unique way, illuminating what may have been dark, or confusing or challenging previously.

This One may show up as your child, or parent, or lover, or minister or yoga teacher. The teacher doesn't always wear the right clothes or say the things you would expect or even want. But the teacher is always there, showing you what you need to see in just the right moment. And the teacher is of course not perfect--and any teacher that claims to be a Master, or have it all figured out or just won't show any humility...well, look more closely.

May you find that teacher just when you need them. And to this teacher, dear Rusty, thank you for teaching me about Life through yoga, and how to dance with the fullness of life with as much kindness, grace and compassion as possible. I love you.