Do not hide your fears, your insecurities, your loves and your losses.

Life seems to ask for our conformity, our lining up and coloring inside the lines. Of course that life can be one full of deep contentment and fantastic joy.

But in my mind, this way of living doesn't impart the fullness of your being. It neglects this whole amazing inner world that is riddled with "All The Things." Living in the space of small talk, of gossip, of scathing hatred, of easy conversations about other people and things makes a life that is sort of lived in secret. When we show and share our fears, we can tap into the heart of another human. We can sort of sidestep the persnickety --however useful and quite talented, front brain thinking stuff. We can share a feeling, a memory of what it's like to live in loss or love or even terror. If this feeling stuff ever does come out, it's usually just to a very select few loved and trusted ones. But what if we shared "All The Things" with more people in our lives. And it doesn't mean we have therapy sessions or long lifestory conversations with anyone and everyone. It can be transmitted through the eyes, or a soft, yet strong hug.

I think we crave this depth of connection yet we're often scared to cross the abyss. I know I am. The shores of contraction and sarcastic or dramatic banter feel more safe. So how do we cross the abyss from you to me in a way that reaches the heart? I think the "voyage" for each of us is unique. But I do know that it involves stopping and looking more closely. It involves throwing away words like "should" or "supposed to." Step out of line and meet the eyes of another for a really long moment. A softening of the shoulders and the jaw. A relaxing of the low belly. An easy smile, and a willingness to let go a bit more.

So go out into the world and meet another There. Dare to cross the abyss. Maybe it's baby steps like this. Maybe it begins with writing from the heart, feeling from the well spring of your loving, compassionate and open awareness. Assert the fullness of your existence. Forget being well liked, or excellently educated or fabulously wealthy. Be absolutely and unabashedly you. ok!?