Bow to all of it.

Reverence doesn't come naturally for many of us. We (I!) accidentally take for granted everything in our lives, and unless we have a serious and alive background rooted in some faith or religious tradition, we forgot how darn lucky we are!

Yoga is my still point--my reference from which I go out and then return to remember to bow. And for ME, this bow is one of awe and amazement and wonder and curiosity and surrender. It's not a bow out of fear or "should" or because someone said I need to in order to get to heaven. My bow is just a pause to remember. I remember my simultaneous smallness and immensity in our cosmic soup. I bow to a God I don't know by name or form of shape or substance. I bow to the unknown of life. I bow to my heart's breaking and bindings. I bow to birth and life and death. I bow to you and your journey through time and space, and I pray that my journey will touch yours somehow for the better. I bow to those that I've hurt and those that have hurt me. I bow to the Earth and all the little creatures exploring beneath our feet, and I bow to the immense wonder above my head, in the feathers of a bird, and in the darkest of matter light years away.

So when you bow (if you do at all, and in your own personal way), don't JUST bow to love and light and rainbow unicorns. Bow to your traumas. Bow to the darkness. Bow to anger and disagreement and shitty days when you feel lost in the dark. The teacher and teaching is ever-present. Bow to the moment and ALL that it contains. Breathe through the illusion of duality and just imagine it's all part of the same cosmic soup.

Now put your phone down. Close your eyes, bow your head, and say a little something. Imagine the tendrils of your thoughts and words will flow through the air into the ether and land into the heart and hands of another...or all others. I love you dear human.