Just begin again.

It’s okay to mess up. Get over it. You’re going to do that thing that you told yourself 108 times NOT to do. Or if you don’t, you’ll suffer with an internal narrative for years to come that is saying “don’t do it!” I don’t want to live like that.

Vacation pulled me out of my practices. Sitting, movement, intentional words and actions, daily routines of gratitude and being wide awake to it...yeah, it all fell apart. Oops.

Now I could (and did) lament about my weakness, about how I’m no good, lousy, lazy, a bad yogi, weak, etc, etc. And of course this isn’t productive unless it reminds us to kindly, gently, pull it together and begin anew.

Each day you’ve got this clean slate to start over—sometimes one step back, two steps forward, sometimes 12 steps back..period. It’s all okay. You’re a human that, despite your best efforts, really has no clue what is happening beneath the hood of reality and consciousness or at the bottom of the ocean.

So just forgive yourself and just try again today. Go for little successes. Food is hard for me, so whenever I choose an apple over a giant bag of cookies, I feel wonderful. Tiny choices over time make big differences. So mess up! Fall! Eat the cookies! Just get up tomorrow and eat an apple —then go further and move and sweat and sing and forgive somebody and serve someone else and love everybody and remember the Beloved! Wow...tall order, but you can do it.

You’ve been given today. That’s it. Get going, baby! Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed! Begin, again.