Be still my love.

We are not getting out of this alive. You will hurt. You will fight it. You will cry and kick and scream and wish it were some other way.

But this is the way it is. Soften your gripping, your tripping your holding on to what is always in motion, despite your desire for permanence.

We are each but echos of a creation long ago that continues to ripple out. Each love and loss and word and coming together and drifting apart are simply reverberations of a moment long, long ago.

Your ancestors are single celled organisms and microbes. You come from a cosmic soup that is beyond understanding, despite the coherent and sweet narratives of biology, physics and chemistry.

The deepest wisdom that exists in the universe doesn't have words, it was not written and it was definitely not in the box of an Instagram post.

Be reminded often that you're a reverberation of a time before time before time. For me, this minimizes my discontents and frustrations with myself and everyone else. It allows me to easily forgive. None of us have any clue what's *really* going on. The mind is clever as can be and helps us dance around in the darkness of Wonder. But even the smartest minds are like toddlers playing in Gods puddles.

Be humbled and amazed each day.

And if you need the reminder more often and want to see that beautiful unknowable grace in the eyes of others, come on retreat with me. We slow time down, we sweat through the confusion and chaos. We sing out into the fabric of what we think is time but which is really just one ever present moment. We laugh and cry and hug and heal from it all too. Join me, if you'd like as we become students of our lives and the wonder of it all.