Are you awake? Are you present? Are you paying attention?

Oh to wrangle our attention...what a seemingly impossible task. Try to do any activity for more than a few minutes and either our hands get bored or our mind quietly sneaks away to something else, usually before we even notice we are no longer Here.

And this I think is the secret to all of our hunting: If only we were actually paying attention we just might see through the thick cobwebs of indecision, of longing and aversions, of distraction and fear. Of Amazon Prime.

Most of the time we are not present with our current situation. We are trying to make it better, reaching for the next thing--or maybe the previous one.

So the yogi practices contentment. We look at our current "reality" and do our best to see its absolute abundance and completeness as it is. The modern world of screens and advertising makes it all harder of course. But what I love about the yoga practice is that it's always Here--a tool belt just waiting for me to grab the damn hammer. I don't need an expensive outfit, props, or even a yoga mat. All we need is full presence. I say "all" sort of casually, but holy mackerel it's hard! Companies love taking our attention. And you the consumer didn't ask to be "fed" that bit of content. It was placed in your field of awareness because you click and look at other things, and you're x age, y gender, z interest profile. So our attention is quite valuable.

If we are sleeping about 8 hours a day, one THIRD of our life we are essentially turned off. We die everyday! I like the idea that every night is a sort of "new years (days) eve." You get to try again (hopefully!) upon waking.

So many of us are hunting for "who we are." But consider instead that you're just creating who you are in each moment. Sure you've been given some talents, genes, propensities, but the WHO is up to you, as you experience, as you love and lose and learn and change your hair a million times, you become that.

SO, stay awake for this becoming. It's really easy to become a passive recipient of life. To chug away, hoping that one day things will be different. Instead, wake up now. ❤️