An Exuberance for Life
Life will inevitably kick your ass. You're bound to hurt, cry, scream, and look up into the sky, shaking your fists at the many ways life has been unfair.

But whether you choose to not only heal, but fully embody and accept the tremendous gift that is your life, is up to you.

Recently someone wrote that it's not about finding "your" passion in life, as if some career or activity or cause would bring you joy--it may. But instead, it's about finding passion in your life--all of it! I loved this distinction. It makes the work of living and creating a joyful life squarely your own--independent of anyone or any thing else. You don't need to "find" your passion. You need to jump start it! You need to infuse your moments with the fullest lifeforce and conscious awareness you can muster. It's not about finding some charitable cause or job that warms your heart. You can find passion and joy in the simplest of moments, right now. Just try it! Lighten your hold. Look up. Soak it in. It's all amazing and beautiful and perfect. Passion for each moment of life is your work.

So turn the whole game on its head. Trust that you're going to hurt in life, and remember that it's temporary. How can we live with joy and passion and zest through all of that? If you're having a tough time in life, I would encourage you to start now--start living again. Lift your chin and open your eyes to the multitude of miracles happening right now. It's hard of course when you're in the trenches of hurt. But start, right now. Begin again.