look around at yoga classes amazed.

Yes, beautiful shapes, discipline, commitment, presence, patience, all shapes and sizes and colors and temperaments. One of the greatest perks of my job is that I get to look out into this small sea of humans looking back. Some impatient, some accepting, some steady, some joyous, some deeply sad, some texting on their cute iWatch. I see it all on most days.

We come to the mat for a multitude of reasons. But the deeper one ventures down the rabbit hole of this practice--whatever style or lineage it may be--the yoga studio, practice and community gives people a very direct experience of their inner light. What is your inner light? It's that unchanging aspect of "you," but much more than you and your flesh and bones and blood. It's that thread that connects you to all other beings-- I believe it's a collective consciousness or grace that laces through all of It. That's what we are coming back for...even if we think it's just the sweat or strength or calm. That's just the surface. What lies beneath that is an unrelenting desire to connect and remember and tap into IT. To remember who we are. We take this very physical outward journey to re-connect or re-member the inward landscape.

My hope is that I can offer an experience that gets you out of your head for a bit--an experience that makes you feel your breath and your heartbeat and the deepest yearnings of your spiritual heart. In the yoga space you have absolute permission to take off your armor and unstick that which has been velcroed to your being for so many damn years. Come look at it --sing to it and sweat it out of your pours. All this mind and heart stuff is stuck in our bodies and part of the good work of yoga is excavating that up to the surface.

All of this to say, keep showing up. Whatever your personal reason, I believe there's a "hidden lineament" that runs through each committed practitioner that's showing us something that's beyond "us." We can finally see and remember our light.