Just try it.

Even if you don't want to smile, try it. Even if you're having a tough, crappy, no good, rotten frustrating day, try it.

Notice the reaction on others' faces as you share this expression. A smile has the power of rippling outwards and expanding. We often take on the emotions or energetic state of those we come into contact with, so be mindful both of how you show up, and with whom you share your time and limited energy.

And of course, there's days and moments when I don't want to at all...and I don't. Yes, be human, feel all the things, live in truth with what you're experiencing in your heart. AND, remember that our outward expressions and actions can change our internal landscape.

You ever wake up having a bad day, then go to the gym, excercise or do the yoga and then, miraculously, you feel a bit better? In my experience, offering out a smile, and a little twinkle in the eye can do the same magical thing; that is, it can change your mind and heart.

Everyone these last couple days keeps talking about the super moon and all these emotional energetic things that are happening. I really don't know about this stuff, but I DO trust that I can change my own perspective if I'm not clinging tightly to my thoughts, beliefs or ways of being. Sure, perhaps the moon is making us collectively angsty...but so is LIFE! Yucky politics, corporations that sacrifice people and land for money, buying stuff to fill an endless hole, our loved ones necessarily dying, child slavery and human trafficking, diseases all over....the human condition is fucking tough! Maybe it's the moon and stars making us all a bit crazy and anxious and scared and acting in ways that ignores our glorious humanity...I don't know. But I do know that little, tiny, seemingly insignificant actions like smiling affect others. And so that one ripple may become a wave that over time becomes a tsunami of love. Or, maybe I'm stupidly optimistic.

The choice is yours of course. Feeling crappy kind of feels good...but it's a hole that tends to get deeper and deeper. Until one day we find ourselves a humbug scrooge who is mad at everyone and everything. I choose the opposite.
Begin again.