Sometimes I feel like we are each
a cell in God's body.

And God's body is the Universe--or maybe the multiverse!

Any one individual is not essential, but as we group together in communities of thought and action and career and belief and perspective and practice and prayer, we carry out the various functions of "God's body." Some of us bring life into the world, others take it away, some manipulate large groups of human lives, while others focus on just one, some make us laugh and others bring tears, some produce and others consume, some talk others listen. Together, we work in harmony, keeping this ship/body/world afloat (for now). And the beautiful thing about perceiving myself as but a cell in God's body is that all of "my stuff" becomes minimized. I realize I can let go a little bit and trust what comes to pass as okay. Like I am just a bit of sea foam being taken for a ride on a Westerly current. Pushing is futile, surrender a gift.
So in the same way that YOU have many ways of being and showing up in the world, so too does God; he/it/they manifest as you and me and your aunt Genine and your sister and mother and your father's father's father's father's father and the tax collector and the murderer and the priest and the judge and factory worker... All of us! God believes a bit of everything, has thought every idea, tasted and touched the best and worst and offered a cacophony of smells and sounds and sights to keep us both titillated and guessing. God created all of it, and just as effortlessly rips it all down. So as a cell in this godly body, you just do you. Sure, you've got some control and volition, but like the cells in your own body, you have a destiny and path beyond your control and understanding. Learn to be okay with that. And trust that even that human who just seems horrible or wrong beyond belief has purpose in this cosmic soup. And while their function may appear crazy to you, the flow of Life is beyond comprehension and description. So let go, and let God.

In the end, I have no clue. But when I imagine God, and the scale of all that is, I don't think a benevolent or malevolent God. I imagine a God that is like us...all the things. ❤