~2 Minute Meditation~

Stay here a moment . Don’t swipe away. Slow your eyes down. Commit to being here for this moment. Commit to this post. Just 2 minutes to arrive, and Be.

Soften your shoulders and neck. Let your teeth part and your jaw go slack.

Make space between your eye brows. Release every muscle in your face.

Become aware of your breath. Where do you feel it in your body? Chest? Throat? Send it down into your low belly area. Breathe more deeply. Savor the sweet fullness at the top of the breath for an extra moment. Then, very slowly, from top to bottom release the valve and empty the breath completely. Go so empty that you push out the last bit of air from your lungs. Then inhale once again, same as before. 2 more times.

Feel the ground below your feet, seat or body. Feel yourself held up and fully here.

Without opinion, judgment or expectation, slowly look up and scan your surroundings, as if for the first time ever. As you scan, simply breathe slowly and deeply, using all of your senses to BE absolutely Present.

Now close your eyes and simply listen. Once again set aside mind stuff that likes/doesn’t like, and instead just welcome whatever comes and goes from your auditory perception.

Open your eyes once again. Steady your gaze very softly on something at eye level at a distance. Stare with complete focus for a very slow count of 10.

Once again close your eyes, take a deep, wide, round breath in...hold an extra moment...then slowly exhale. Open your eyes. Notice how you feel.

Comment below if you feel called to share how that quick experience shifted your awareness or experience in these moments.

Either way, the invitation is to close Instagram after you’re done. And Be Here for a few minutes. That’s what I’m going to do now! Have a delightful day dear human. Despite what you say to yourself, you’re perfect. Stop trying to mess with it so much. Just keep remembering and coming back right here.