This dialectic seems to me to be the universal differentiator for people. It's what divides us-- politically, physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, sexually, culturally, economically and sociologically.

When we operate from a place of fear we close off, get angry, defensive, sometimes irrational, hateful, sad, cowardly, rigid, dogmatic, compulsive, addicted, unhealthy or otherwise blocked. We stop and run before giving ourselves the opportunity and chance to open up into the fullest expression of imperfectly-perfect human animals.

When we operate from a place of love we expand our perspective, become curious, creative, sweet, receptive, unbounded, ambitious, beautiful, bountiful, strong, adventurous, dynamic, intuitive, spontaneous, optimistic and confidently ready for the ebbs and flows of this brief life.

Fear is hard to escape. I watch myself become fearful-- often...that I'm not good enough, that I'm a phony, that those I love most will disappear too soon, that I'll be rejected, that students won't come to my classes, that I can't do X, Y and Z for reasons A, B, C, D...X! These are self limiting beliefs and do not serve me. I work each day to notice these and change the story-- because it's all a big story, a sweet narrative running through all of our heads as we float through our lives. 

When I tap into my innermost knowing-- that  Peter who to open instead of contract, to trust that I am limitless, then I am in tune, I am in flow-- I am loving myself. I am listening. When I notice my mind in repetitive mantras of self doubt or limiting beliefs, I close my eyes, take a breath, and remember the Truth of this moment. That this instant right here is mine to play out-- to pick yes or no, the red pill or the blue pill, smile or sneer, smoke or breathe, give or take, awaken fully or numb myself....LOVE OR FEAR?! Always choose love and watch this sometimes routine-seeming day-to-day life of work and money and stuff, become one of infinite possibilities, wonder and pure magic.

Please, for all of us, each moment, come back to love, "it is where you came from and where you'll return."