This day will only happen once. Never again will such a thing come to pass. The alignment of the stars in the sky, the sprawl of the flowing clouds, the configuration and connections of neurons in your brain-- all brand new and absolutely unique. 

Sometimes I forget to stop, even for just a moment, and appreciate how special this opportunity is to walk this earth, amongst the trees and rocks and buildings and animals and people. To recognize all those things that have happened in the cosmos to get me to be here (admittedly in my bed on this crazy mini computer we call an iPhone), right now, thinking and emoting and typing and feeling both tiny and infinitesimally small and also endlessly expansive and unlimited in the same breath.

I feel the rawness of this day. I try deliberately to pull away from my conventional thoughts and actions. I try to shift my perspective from automatic living and doing and buying and thinking and judging, to deliberate thoughts, deliberate, grateful actions and wide, clear eyes.

Let's see this day without the filters today, even just for a minute. Remove the "me-ness" from the experience of this time and place where you are, and just accept everything as it is, allow yourself to have just one sweet awakened, clear moment of pure, unfiltered, raw, vegan Bliss. Everything is perfect and as it should be... pains, pleasures, platitudes and all. We're here alive, breathing... All from a spark of gas that happened eons of time and space away... Love