We each have 24 short, sweet hours each day to both produce and simultaneously grow as individuals. Ideally this time is split between work, sleep and pleasure of some sort. Recently I have been trying to dissect my daily experience into separate, but overlapping activities: Learning, Doing and Being.

Learning. We should all be learning new things everyday. Whether you're 18 or 80 we grow, acquire wisdom and better ourselves through the process of seeking out new information, ideas and experiences in an effort to evolve both as individuals and part of the collective Oneness that is humanity. Whether this learning takes place in a classroom,on a yoga mat, in a book or from rich experiences, learning is a fundamental part of the ride we call life.

Upon graduating from college I noticed my learning process was becoming less active— less deliberate. I was learning new things by serendipity or out of necessity rather than learning for the sake of growth and knowledge. Recently I’ve turned learning into an active daily process. I reflect at the end of each day on what new things I’ve both learned and want to incorporate into my “new” self. Try to become aware of the things that you're learning actively, and those nuggets that you’re letting passively wash over you. Be deliberate with your education and evolution, and step back from your sensing self and analyze what’s coming in and sticking. Learn, and thus grow everyday. Learn here.

Doing. Most work environments necessitate a lot of doing. We need to complete presentations, projects, sales, designs, meetings, etc. While the hope and intention should always be to learn while doing, sometimes our productivity mechanisms and deadlines kick in and we just churn out work instead of simultaneously learning. But that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with ‘doing’ — in fact it’s necessary and important to put your head down, grind out work and just get shit done sometimes. This ‘doing’ has happened for centuries and is ultimately the reason why artifacts exist at all! Roads, buildings, computers, paper, toys, plastic, glass, snack bars— virtually every non-living thing is a product of people doing. Becoming aware of when you’re in ‘do’ mode verses ‘learn’ mode is important, and might just be the key to unlocking oceans of latent creativity. Try to incorporate more learning into your doing today. Do here.

Being. This is my favorite. This is where you step back from both learning and doing, and just “be.” Be okay by yourself. Be present. Be open-minded. Be with the people you’re with and not your iPhone. Be a mindful member of the human race. Be compassionate. Be love. Be your best self. Be your breath. This is the state of being where we are most in tune with nature and everything around us. Here we’re neither trying to learn nor do anything. Any learning that does occur is a result of just being.

Unfortunately most people waste these powerful states of mind and being on frivolous activities— and I am beyond guilty. This isn't about meditation; rather, it’s about being right here, right now. Look up and away from your screen. See? You’re here! There’s no need to change anything, or go into doing mode, as we all so often tend to DO. Just sit with yourself and feel the calmness of the present. Forget planning and remembering for just a little while…you’ll inevitably return to the other states soon enough. Enjoy a few moments for your breath and release all your muscles and tension. Just exist as you are. It’s pretty beautiful. Just indulge with me for a few minutes.

While there are obviously other states of consciousness and experience, I tend to wrestle with these the most. On the one hand, we want to be the best that we possibly can at whatever it is that we’re passionate about or working for. This involves both doing and learning…but when do you pull away from doing mode and actually figure out (learn) the best possible way to accomplish the task at hand? On the other hand, we all must learn to justbe sometimes. It’s essential to be a fully formed human. Being is what connects us to the magic of life, the universe and other humans. It’s when we explore our consciousness at the most fundamental level— without learning about it, but rather experiencing it firsthand. Be here. So go forth my friends! Learn! Do! Be! And if you have time, Love!